She had consensual sex with him twice before she found out he had a girlfriend.

"I hope by sharing my story it will warn.

If we were to put a face to the current protests across India, like many in the past, the ones that immediately come to mind.

As long as others are not being inconvenienced, why should a woman not have the right to go out at any time, even in a ladies.

The DVC said that although the university had expelled a female undergraduate who was involved in a recent sex scandal that.

British backpacker, 23, claims she was raped in hostel during farm work – The young woman said she was speaking out to encourage other women who’ve been raped to come forward instead of keeping.

A journalist, Ahmed Salkida, who has maintained close professional confidential ties with the insurgents, also confirmed on.

When it comes to crimes like sexual abuses and rapes a large majority of us tend to see it as an issue related to women and.

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In the spirit of encouraging others who are thinking about starting their own location-independent lifestyle, here are five.