ERASING THE EELAM VICTORY Part 15B – Soldiers are depicted as opportunist, rapists and sexual deviants. Wives who were struggling to bring up children alone while their husbands were fighting the war, were shown as sex hungry and.

People should wear cloth face coverings in public, CDC recommends, to reduce spread of coronavirus – With debate unfolding over the full scope of the coronavirus pandemic, Australia’s chief doctor said the global death toll.

Nepali Vidio With the surging cases of coronavirus, there are some strange cases that come up amid all this. The whole world is battling. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Sunday telephoned his counterparts from Sri Lanka and Nepal and proposed to host the SAARC health ministers conference to firm up efforts to jointly. Modi also

a Muslim engineer sent to Tamil Nadu by the Vatican to investigate a miracle at the basilica where 2,000 people sought refuge and were spared from the flooding; and a grieving husband who travels to.