Here’s the grabber, Farmer would have been between the ages of 79 and 82 during this time yet court testimony confirmed he.

Kissing was fine in our films till India gained Independence, following which the Cinematograph Act was enacted in 1952,

Women’s Day 2020: Top 10 Women Characters In Bollywood! – Mala Sinha’s Meena in Yash Chopra’s Dhool Ka Phool(1959) Mala Sinha’s Meena in Yash Chopra’s Dhool.

became a counsellor.

Directed by Niki Caro (Whale Rider), Mulan sees the fearless titular heroine (Liu Yifei) take her father’s place in the.

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It was an era when a couple hugged on screen, the heroine covered her bust with her arms.

From early film like "Dhool Ka Phool" to the laterday "Aradhana", rain led the lovers to a shelter leading.