‘Hunger or murder’: Lockdown poverty exposes African sex workers to more violence – Women engaging in sex work have always been more vulnerable to violence but a surge in physical attacks and killings of sex.

A letter written jointly by Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin in which they talk of their brothel visits and share their.

Patients with raised blood pressure have a two-fold increased risk of dying from the (Covid-19) compared to patients without.

It is fair to say that Megaton’s feature doesn’t plan on winning hearts. It intends to portray the possibility of a grim,

The study found that patients with high blood pressure who were not taking medication to control the condition were at even.

You might have come across news about few people infected by the coronavirus becoming seriously ill, while others show little.

A study by genetic-testing major 23andMe Inc. has found more evidence on how differences in ABO gene, which determines a.

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It’s been a whirlwind ride for the creators and cast of ‘Blood & Water’, Netflix’s second original African content drama,